The one behind CashCowAffiliates.com

Hi, my name is Dita Nadia (you can call me Nadia btw), the founder of CashCowAffiliates.com who make living from internet and the large chunk of income are come from affiliate marketing – where I recommend product to people to my audiences on internet and I earn commission that allow me to make a living from home.

A bit background about me

Speaking of background, I’m a 27 years old work at home mom-to-be from Indonesia. You might not hear about Indonesia yet, but if you know Bali, Bali is one of 13.466 islands in Indonesia (Yes, we have LOTS of islands here).

I discovered Internet marketing in 2007 when I was still a college student in psychology major. Since then, I hooked up with Internet Marketing especially affiliate marketing because I really LOVE doing it.

Even now I have psychologist degree and sometimes take freelance project related to psychology, most of my time was spent building my online business and most of my income come from the internet.

For full story about my Internet Marketing Journey, please read this post

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Since 2007 I tried many ways to make money online, and found out that Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest, most profitable, and the most stable income stream from internet if only you know what you’re doing. We don’t need to create product, handle customer service, dealing with logistic – all we need is to send the prospect to the merchant and we’ll credited when we made sale.

However, even the concept sound simple, most people don’t do it right. Most people just toss affiliate link in their blog or social media profile, do nothing and strangely hope someone will click their link and they would become rich overnight.

That’s why I create this blog: to help YOU make money with affiliate marketing, with the right mindset and REAL case study that you could implement in your own business.

How I can help you?

In CashCowaffiliates.com, I will share strategy and case study how I make money with affiliate marketing. From my experience, seeing success story how people make money online give me inspiration how to run my affiliate business. I also invite my friends who are doing well with affiliate marketing (some of them earning 6 figure/year from affiliate marketing alone!) to share how they can achieve it.

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